What We Do

CIDCI brings together deep thinkers from diverse disciplines and communities to advance change in the design and construction industry. 

In 2021, CIDCI will continue with its groundbreaking Salon Series...AND...

Innovation Lab


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Are you and people in your organization solving the right problems?


Are you facing a big challenge but don’t know where to start?


Do you need support to solve wicked problems that didn’t exist two years ago?


Do you want to expand your innovation skillset and mindset and find it easier to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule?

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If you answered “yes” to any of these questions,

the CIDCI Innovation Lab is for you.

The Center for Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry is moving our Innovation Lab online in a self-paced format, to create a community of practice within the AEC community.


A 6-module program will teach participants the mindsets and skillsets associated with the innovation process. The content for the modules will all be delivered asynchronously via Google Classroom and will include videos, readings, and discussion questions. Participants can access the material at any time during the 2021 session.  Instructors will provide example problem areas for individuals to work on that will guide them through design research, problem framing, idea generation and selection, prototyping and testing.

What past participants say about the Innovation Lab

“On the second day of the Innovation lab, my boss asked if I was making any good contacts (for the company.)  Oh, yeah, I told him I’m making amazing contacts but more importantly, I’m learning a new way to think.  Now that’s amazing.”

“The Lab was a great experience focused on the tools and process to be innovative vs. “one” innovation subject.  These tools are invaluable.”

“The (Innovation Lab) experience was amazing.  Key tools and concepts were learned in a very short time and made real by practicing with other industry practitioners.”