What We Do

CIDCI brings together deep thinkers from diverse disciplines and communities to advance change in the design and construction industry. 

In 2021, CIDCI will continue with its groundbreaking Salon Series...AND...

Innovation Lab


You may need support today to solve complicated problems that didn’t exist a month ago.

The Center for Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry is moving our Innovation Lab online and expanding it to include CEO’s and others charged with making hard decisions in the coming months to create a community of practice within the AEC community.

Participants will come together with a question or problem they are grappling with.  These problems could be connected to current health and economic crisis or perhaps they are problems magnified by these uncertain times…or not! Problem statements can focus on internal projects (e.g., how might we streamline our contracting time?, how might we build camaraderie on a virtual team?) or external projects (e.g., how might we help our hospital clients improve safety?, how might we help our clients cope with the COVID-19 crisis?).

The Online Innovation Lab will take place in Spring, 2021.

Details and registration forthcoming.


Why attend?

Participants in the Innovation Lab will learn tools from design and systems thinking, apply them immediately to their own projects, and engage in conversations with leaders from a variety of organizations, particularly around addressing current challenges. They will leave with an appreciation of how to better understand their stakeholders, how to frame opportunities within messy problem spaces, how to conduct rapid experiments to test new product or service offerings, and how to tell stories about ideas in a way that resonates with various stakeholders.

Who leads this effort?
Sara Beckman has spent her years as a boundary spanner at UC Berkeley, where she has held faculty appointments in both the Haas School of Business and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She served as Chief Learning Officer for the newly formed Jacobs Institute of Design Innovation and facilitated the creation of a multi-disciplinary Certificate in Design Innovation. She teaches courses such as Collaborative Innovation which integrates Art Practice, Theater and Dance Performance Studies and Business perspectives on both collaboration and innovation.

Rachel Dzombak is a strategist and educator working to frame and solve complex problems and train others to do the same. Based at Carnegie Mellon, she researches teams and technology management, teaches innovation and entrepreneurship, and supports a range of organizations working to shift business models and grow innovation ecosystems.

CIDCI sponsors enjoy free participation based on their level of sponsorship. Nonprofit leaders are eligible for full scholarships in this time of need.  

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What past participants say about the Innovation Lab

“On the second day of the Innovation lab, my boss asked if I was making any good contacts (for the company.)  Oh, yeah, I told him I’m making amazing contacts but more importantly, I’m learning a new way to think.  Now that’s amazing.”

“The Lab was a great experience focused on the tools and process to be innovative vs. “one” innovation subject.  These tools are invaluable.”

“The (Innovation Lab) experience was amazing.  Key tools and concepts were learned in a very short time and made real by practicing with other industry practitioners.”

Fall Forum

Originally conceived as a one day event, we have converted the Fall Forum proceedings into a week long series of early morning online webinars designed to fuel your mind.  So join us in FREE conversations Oct. 4-8 from 8:00-9:30 PDT.

Schedule forthcoming.