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October 4-8, 2021

8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. PST

Join CIDCI for five daily sessions of inspiration, connection, and meaningful takeaways.


Each day will showcase a free, online, 90-minute event featuring academics, authors, and business leaders exploring future trends, how building owners are thinking about the future, and startup tech companies changing the world.

Explore the innovative companies, leaders, strategies, and trends helping reimagine, reinvent, and rebuild business, society, culture, and community—all with an eye towards creating a truly better tomorrow.

Schedule of Events

October 4th:

Keynote: The Future of History 2020-2050

A compelling case can be made that we are in the early stages of a technological and economic boom in the next 30 years that could address the dysfunctions of the design and construction industry as well as climate change and inequality.  Peter Leyden will posit an optimistic view of the future based on interviews with transformational leaders and a robust examination of long term trends.

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October 5th:

Innovation's Partner: Failure

Google Glass, Siamese wine glasses and the DeLorean car are products considered to be failures.  Yet failure can also be a partner in the innovation process.  This interactive session examines some of the characteristics of failure, and what we learn when we fail.

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October 6th:

Creating Technology Invented for Life: The Bosch Story

Founded in 1886, Bosch is one of the most respected engineering and manufacturing companies in the world. Less than 5 years ago, their Power Tools Division began to focus on software that could allow Bosch to consider new possibilities. How did this dramatic shift gain traction within the company?  How was the idea “sold” to leaders? What might future innovations look like?

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October 7th:

Start-Ups Changing the World

Join CIDCI Board member, KP Reddy, founder of Shadow Ventures, in examining four start-ups with the capacity to disrupt aspects of the AEC industry.  The featured startups use technology to create a healthier and more efficient built environment with a strong focus on sustainability.  Hear the innovation journey of these founders and how these ideas will shape our tomorrow.

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October 8th:

Innovation From the Owner's Perspective: What Does the Future Hold?

The last two years have challenged businesses of all sizes to reconsider the definition of a workplace. In this interactive session, we will explore how building owners are responding to the challenge of “back to work” and how this impacts all facets of the built environment.

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