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 2017 Fall Forum

2017 Fall Forum Videos

How do we catalyze innovation to stay relevant? Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry: Risk & Opportunity. Dynamic speakers help us to determine how we will embrace the future.


Lifecycle Thinking – Materials with Larry Strain of Seigel & Strain, Wes Sullen of StopWaste, Drew Wenzel from Google and Megan White from Integral.


Lifecycle Thinking – Building Operations with Brian Jacobson of EHDD, Peter Rumsey of Point Energy Innovations and Larry Eisenberg from Beezley.


Lifecycle Thinking – Defining Constructs with John Andary from Integral Group.


Innovative Tools for Optimizing Delivery with Gabriel Dobbs of SkyCatch, Wayne Benedict from Hilti, Debra Gondeck-Becker from Honeywell, Peter Wu of BIM Anywhere and Andrew Arnold from DPR Construction.


Organizing/Managing to Enable Innovation with John Chachere from NASA, Brendon Buckley and Molly McElligott from Johnson Controls, Renate Fruchter of Stanford University, Jamie Hammond from Adept, Genevieve Taylor of Global Genesis and Bill Witherspoon from The Sky Factory.


The Business Case for Integration with Stuart Eckblad from UCSF, Jeffery Birdwell of Sares Regis, Patricia Tillmann of Berkley, Adrian Toovey, David Van Wyk from Walt Disney, Michael Bade from UCSF, Martin Fisher of Stanford and Rob Reaugh from MDR International.


Procurement Innovators with Jim Nannini from Building Wide Systems, Paulo Napolitano of Herrero and Kevin von Grave from LeanCor.


Impact of Compliance Processes with Don Foldenauer of Aditazz, Mark David from SAP, Reuben Halili of SFO Airport and James Sowerbrower of CSU.


Manufacturing High Performance Buildings with Kathleen Liston from IDEABuilder, Bobby Alverado, Mike Walton and Rod Spencley from DPR Construction, Doug Moore of McKinstry and Bill Maddex from Arup.


What’s the Next Dimension of BIM? with Patricia Carmichael of ATG, Chuck Eastman from Georgia Tech, Forest Flager of Stanford, Brian Johnson from CBI, Justin Quimby, Ward Vercruyse of Aditazz and Jonathan Widney from Solibri LLC.


Innovation through the Collision of Ideas with Bill McGowan of Granite Construction, Steve Holf from PCI, Jim Hoff from Rosendin Electric, Zach Sargent from Superior Air Handling, Bill Black from Hayworth, David Rex Moore of RME, Ash Notaney from Project Frog, Nick Bagatelos, Bob Simmons of ConXTEch, Rick Blazier of Southland and Dan Hansford from Hansford Industries.