Facilitating a Revolution of Improved Outcomes in the Design and Construction Industry

Provoking change by studying other industries and professions and include their experts within our systems. Our purpose is to connect the innovators from related and unrelated industries to accelerate adoption into the design and construction community

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Advancing Innovation Through Collaboration

The CIDCI envisions a building industry that excels in all areas through innovation in design and construction by expanding and sharing research, education, strategies, and information. With your help, the CIDCI will facilitate a revolution of improved outcomes in the design and construction industry.

The Center for Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry (CIDCI) is a 501C(6) organization founded by owners, designers and builders with the purpose of accelerating the awareness and adoption of innovative processes, tools and invention into the industry.
Three times each year, the CIDCI brings together the best thinking amongst a variety of stakeholders around a specific topic. This provides an opportunity for open dialog, identification of best practices, and a peek into what the future might bring.