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What We Do

What is the Center?

CIDCI: The professional network advancing leadership through innovation.

The Center for Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry (CIDCI) is a 501C(6) organization founded by owners, designers and builders with the purpose of accelerating the awareness and adoption of innovative processes, tools and invention into the industry. The rate of advancement is disproportionately slow with respect to the opportunities. While there is tremendous invention in processes and products, there is frequently more marketing than actual experience.

Our goal is to be the hub where design and construction industry domains exchange valuable ideas and practices with one another and with experts and visionaries from other professions and commerces as well. The dialogue of sharing ideas, strategies, and solutions will stir our individual perspectives to create impartial, multifaceted and far-reaching solutions from which we can all benefit.

Our Vision

Through collaboration within and among the design, construction and other industries, the Center can accelerate the adoption of new ideas, transform the AEC industry, and revolution project outcomes.

Our Mission

To facilitate a revolution of improved outcomes in the design and construction industry.

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Innovation proceeds slowly in the AEC industry. For example, the transition from drawing to CAD was a fundamental industry shift that took decades to be universally adopted. The transition from CAD to BIM, which is even more significant, has taken another decade to enter the mainstream—and is still far from reaching its theoretical potential. Modular construction and prefabrication techniques were widely adopted in manufacturing, but decades after the AEC industry began experimentation, these techniques remain largely untapped. Similarly, process innovations that have transformed other industries are only now being examined, tested and adopted by a small portion of the industry.

But the need for innovation has never been greater. Demand for more efficient, economical and sustainable construction increases steadily. In addition, the built environment must do more than envelope and protect users. It should enrich their lives and improve functional outcomes. At the same time, resources to achieve these goals, whether finances, materials, or expertise are increasingly scarce. To meet users’ needs, the AEC industry must do more with less while finding a path to improve the strength and stability of the industry. Innovation is a key strategy for achieving and harmonizing these many goals.

The CIDCI was created to connect the innovators from related and unrelated industries to accelerate adoption into the design and construction community

Board of Directors

  • J. Stuart Eckblad, AIA – UCSF Medical Center – President
  • Nicki Dennis Stephens, Hon. AIACC – AIACC – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Howard Ashcraft, Hon. AIACC – Hanson Bridgett LLC
  • Jim Bedrick, AIA – AEC Process Engineering
  • Bill Hammerson – Cambridge Construction Manager
  • Carlie Hernandez – Cambridge CM
  • Dave Higgins – Aditazz Inc.
  • Yolanda Lettiri, AIA – AIACC
  • Dean Reed – DPR
  • Zigmund Rubel, AIA – Aditazz Inc.
  • Don Rudy, AIA – AIACC


Designers, builders, manufacturers, suppliers and owners are the keys to identifying and adopting new ideas, tools, products and processes specific to building design and construction. To this end, CIDCI was created to connect the innovators from related and unrelated industries to accelerate adoption into the design and construction community. The following organizations have made a commitment in 2014 to advance innovation through collaboration

Members of the CIDCI

AIA California Council
Cambridge CM

DPR Construction
Rudolph & Sletton
Unger Construction

Join Us

The CIDCI is a gathering to learn, share, and exchange ideas and innovations through collaboration in the design and construction industry. Focusing on innovation in procurement processes, the CIDCI will hold three “think-tank” events in the San Francisco area in 2014. During each session there will be a mix of best practices from within the industry and innovators from other fields. Content from each FORUM is recorded and disseminated in a variety of ways including video, papers, and on

As a leader in the industry, the Board of Directors of the CIDCI is invites your participation as a member.

Membership Benefits

  • Opportunity to use the title “Member of the CIDCI” on your marketing materials
  • Company logo included in the CIDCI Forum materials
  • One year recognition on the CIDCI website as a CIDCI member
  • Opportunity to attend each of the 2014 Forums (two invitations per event)

Annual Membership – $5,000

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