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2014 Innovations in Integrated Project Delivery

11/14/2014 Innovative tools for Optimizing Project Delivery

As the use of BIM becomes mainstream in our industry, the next frontier is upon us. This Forum will focus on the early innovators and how they are utilizing these advanced tools…

10/3/2014 Organizing and Managing Collaboration

Can we actively foster, enhance, and accelerate collaboration? In the worlds of negotiation, business management, and psychology a great deal of science is going on around collaboration, and it has produced techniques and approaches …

4/18/2014 Value to Owners: Making the Business Case for Integration

What does value mean to owners? How is it defined? Can it be measured? Should project compensation be tied to achieving Value? This forum explores the fundamental reason for undertaking projects, the assumption that the completed project adds Value to the organization and its stakeholders….

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Innovation in Lifecycle Thinking

9/25/15 Building Operations

Most major corporations that build, own and maintain facilities have separate groups that are given different mandates – the new development and construction of new facilities are given the goal of lowest first cost – while the groups that are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the finished product are given the same mandate. There is often a healthy tension between the two, which results in a series of compromises during the development of a new facility.

This FORUM will review how owners set goals for individual business units, and what they consider their measure of success. It will also identify “lessons learned” from the A/E/C community, from those actually managing operations.



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    Innovation in Lifecycle Thinking

    12/11/2015 Materials for Health & Well-Being of People & Planet

    While lifecycle thinking is traditionally defined in terms of long term ROI, materials selection has much more than just a financial impact. The selection of materials that reduce environmental effects – from raw materials, to better understanding the embodied carbon within building materials, to evaluating the level of toxicity of a product – significant innovation is happening in terms of methodology, people, and products. Throughout the industry today we are seeing influences which will have a long-term, on the future of the design and construction industry. What’s on the horizon?